Pottery Collection

Your pottery takes around 6 weeks from the date of your workshop to be glazed and fired

When your masterpieces are ready to take home you’ll be notified by email. Pottery is kept for 6 weeks from notification, so please aim to collect as soon as possible. Studio opening times will be listed weekly below when you can just turn up. Outside of these times items can be picked up from the collection box (located by the front gate).

Pottery can also be posted to you – please get in touch for details. You can pay for delivery online here.

Pottery is ready from these sessions –

AUGUST 12th – 13th – 14th – 26th – 27th – 28th • SEPTEMBER 10th – 16th – 17th -23rd – 25th • OCTOBER 7th – 9th – 14th -15th – 16th

Studio Opening times –

Updated every Tuesday

December • Tuesday 7th 1:30pm to 4:30pm • Friday 10th 11am to 3:30pm • Saturday 11th 10:30am to 3:30pm

Please note that classes may be in progress. Outside of these times your creations can be picked up from the collection box – send a photo of your masterpieces to [email protected]

Thank you!