You don’t have to be good at art
for it to be good for you

Moon Studio Ceramics was founded in 2015 by artist Imogen Charleston. It’s an independent pottery studio that offers a range of workshops in clay to suit all ages and skill levels. Creating your own pottery from start to finish is a really rewarding experience that will give a new found appreciation of the everyday objects in your home. Learning new skills and working with your hands will provide you with a real sense of achievement, and is a great way to relax.

People have been making pots for millennia – in fact pots have been found that date back around 20,000 years, and clay totems date back even further. Keeping traditional crafts skills alive and sharing knowledge are at the core of Moon Studio Ceramics. Clay is a naturally tactile and responsive material, so can enable people of any age and ability to learn skills and develop at their own pace. It can help with motor skills, imaginative play, sensory experience, personal development, confidence and general wellbeing.

Imogen also delivers a mobile clay workshop. Pop up Pottery regularly attends festivals, community events and schools. This accessible outreach program can provide workshops in clay to people without transport, people with physical disabilities or who are less mobile, rural communities without local services, schools and community groups without arts departments. It is a dynamic workshop that can be tailored to suit various settings.

Moon Studio Ceramics is situated in a converted barn in a quiet, rural location on the edge of the New Forest in Dorset. It is a welcoming space to enjoy some time to unwind and be creative in.

 There is a gallery in the studio with a range of Imogen’s functional and decorative stoneware available to buy. 

Sustainability is very important, so the studio runs off of a renewable electricity supplier.  To minimize waste, all clay scraps are reclaimed and reused, and packaging repurposed or recycled as much as possible. We use natural bar soaps and cleaning products that are as sustainable as possible. The studio has been awarded plastic free status by Surfers Against Sewage and aim to encourage this mindset for any events booked at the studio.

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Thanks for reading and see you in the clay room soon