About the Artist:

Imogen Charleston is a multidisciplinary visual artist and educator based in Christchurch, Dorset, UK.

Growing up on the Dorset coast with a very creative family, Imogen was encouraged to draw, play with clay and make music from an early age. After leaving school she studied art, then electronics, before returning to art again, completing a BA in Applied Art & Design in 2012 where she specialised in glass and ceramics.

Imogen’s primary medium is ceramics, however other projects include work made from reclaimed plastic and screen printing. She is co-founder and puppeteer with The Paper Cinema, who have toured their live animation shows internationally since 2004.

Imogen creates reactive installation work which incorporates decals, movement and light to produce narrative. Slip cast porcelain produces delicately refined forms. The inclusion of materials and use of coloured slips create patterns in the clay body. Imogen utilises a minimal colour palette, using a combination of oxides, glazes and lustres to create contrasting textures. These aesthetics are also used to produce smaller wearable pieces and tealight bowls.

Imogen has been a tutor for 15 Days in Clay since 2013. Founded by artist Janna Edwards, they provide the opportunity to adults with physical disabilities and specific learning needs to work with clay and be creative in their own right. All aspects of the making process right from initial drawings to finished fired work, while supporting each student individually. There is usually at least one collaborative exhibition of their work each year.